The Oil Sector- Minister of energy and mineral Development Ruth Nankabirwa assures Ugandans of first priority when giving out jobs.

The minister of energy and mineral Development Ruth Nankabirwa says Ugandan are to be given the first priority when giving out jobs but they must be with qualifications and she advised them to prepare for the jobs discovered from the oil sector.

She was officiating the opening of the 3rd National content conference organized by petroleum Authority of Uganda in kampala under the theme creating lasting value through enhancing National participation to accelerate Uganda, socio-Economic transformation.

“I congratulate Petroleum Authority of Uganda because there the regulators and overseers making sure that national content is followed because it is by law and we are commanded by law to give Ugandans a chance to take the opportunities that may come” Nankabirwa said.

The Executive Director Petroleum Authority Ernest Rukundo says Ugandan should know that jobs of preparing oil are available even when oil is not yet out

“The of oil and gas sector to be consolidated through National participation while safe guarding the environment,” Rukundo said.

“The oil sector in Uganda has continued to grow as you are aware the final investment decision for the project in Uganda was taken at the beginning of February and since then the companies that are licensed to undertake petroleum production have continued to really work at an increased rate” he added

The petroleum stake holders in the different capacities expressed their capability of participation and how the public is to benefit from them.