By Grace Joyce Kemigisa

The National U19 girls’ Cricket team completed the group stage of the ICC Women’s U-19 T20 World Cup Africa Qualifiers undefeated after a whopping 143 run win against the hosts Botswana.

The baby Victoria Pearls who had already won their first two matches, did not disappoint in the final game as they put up one of their best performances in the tournament.

Uganda was elected to bat first after winning the toss and the girls took the bull by the horns posting 150 runs in the first 15 overs from an exceptional batting partnership between Alako Proscovia (93) and Jimia Muhammad (36) that produced most of the runs.  At the end of the 20 overs Uganda had scored a total of 181 runs for 3 wickets.

In the second innings as Botswana chased down the score, Uganda proved the better side causing Botswana to fall to 8 wickets with Kevin Amuge making 4 out of the 8.

This win makes it three wins in three matches for Uganda and puts the team at the top of the group B table.

Uganda progressed to the semifinals after defeating Namibia and Sierra Leone in their first and second group stage games respectively.


Game 3:

Uganda U19s 181/3 20/20 ov RR 9.05

Botswana U19s 38/8 20/20 ov RR 1.90

Game 2:

Uganda U19s 107/4 20/20 ov RR 5.35

Sierra Leone U19s 84/5 20/20 ov RR 4.20

Game 1:

Uganda U19s – 87/6 17.3/20 ov RR 4.97

Namibia U19s – 85/5 20/20 ov RR 4.25

Against Namibia, Uganda won the toss and bowled first however the team struggled to match up to Namibia’s batting partnership in Mekelaye Mwatile and Engela Van Der Merwe who produced 57 runs within the first 12 overs. 

In the 13th over, the Ugandan team got the first wicket which upped the girls’ the momentum turning the game around and eventually earning Uganda a 4 wicket win against Namibia. Uganda scored a total of 7 wickets 3 from Patricia Timong and 2 from Annet Anume.

In the second match, Sierra Leone won the toss and was elected to bat first. Like in the first match the start for Uganda was slow getting a wicket in over number 1 and only scoring 30 runs in the first 10 overs.  

Uganda got a breakthrough in the 11th over when Patricia Timong joined Sandra Achawo to bat creating an incredible partnership that produced 77 runs 29 and 48 from each respectively.

In the end Uganda set the score at 107/4 in 20 overs that became difficult for Sierra Leone to chase down; earning Uganda a 23 runs win.

Great performances from players Alako Proscovia, Patricia Timong, Rachel Achan, Annet Anume, Sandra Achawo, Kevin Amuge, team Captain Jimia Muhammed and 15-year-old also Primary 7 candidate Malissa Ariokot; have been very crucial to Uganda’s victories so far.

Uganda will now wait for group A results to know who they will face in the semi-finals.

The two winners of the knock out stage will face off for one remaining African slot at the first edition of the U19 Women’s T20 World Cup that will be played in South Africa come 2023.

African countries that have already qualified for the 2023 world cup are South Africa and Zimbabwe who got automatic qualification based on their women adult team rankings.