The UPDF Chief of Defence Forces, Gen Wilson Mbaddi has today the 7th of Se’ptember commissioned and launched the biometrics systems and Uganda Peoples Defence Forces Identity Cards at the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs (MODVA) Headquarters at Mbuya.

In his remarks, the CDF commended the Ministry Of Defence and Veteran Affairs and the Chieftaincy of Integrated Resource Management Information System (CIRMIS) for the upgrade made on the biometrics. He noted that the dynamics of ICT are evolving very fast and this electronic system will make jobs easier. “Upgrading is going to make the system more efficient and effective.” he noted.

He urged the Joint Chief of Staff and the Permanent Secretary to always respond expeditiously not only in the procurement of IRMIS but also other areas that require focus especially those that work for all peculiarities not a “one size fit all”. He requested them to buy more printing machines for efficiency.

In his closing remarks, the CDF thanked the team for the perseverance and contribution towards the IRMIS and implored them to work on a few challenges to enhance output. “This will help people to spend less time on desks and engage in activities that enhance ones health.”he concluded.

This is among the various interventions is meant to eliminate streamline personnel accountability at work. soldiers. The system is online operated.

The system has an embedded biometrics component for verification and identity card printing designed to effectively identify the UPDF personnel. The Ministry Under Secretary for Finance and Administration,
Ms Edith Butuuro who represented the Permanent Secretary, congratulated the Chief of IRMIS for the success achieved and the endurance. “Despite the hardships, he had the zeal for the work, competence and the skills. We wouldn’t have been here. I am glad that both mother and baby are well. ” She complimented.

The Chief Integrated Resource Management Information Systems Brig Gen Baguma Mugume, in his remarks mentioned that the project will provide the institution with a smart and secure ID for identification, as well as reports of verification and roll call attendance.

He noted that the Human Resource Management (HRM) system or the Integrated Resource Management Information System (IRMIS) that integrates with the biometrics is long overdue for upgrade and therefore the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs (MODVA) and the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF) needs to prioritize investing in systems as a way of improving work processes and service delivery. “We need only need to look back at how far we have come from and try to visualize where we would be without IRMIS system, to be able to understand what I am talking about.” He noted.

He thanked the CDF Chieftaincies and staff of the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs for their keen interest in the system, prompt facilitation, support, guidance accorded to implement the project

In attendance was the Joint Chief of Staff, Major Gen Leopold Kyanda, Chief of Staff Airforce, Brig
Gen David Gonyi , Chief of Staff Land Forces, Brig Gen Bob Ogik and Brig Gen Mwanje Ssekiranda, the Chief of Staff, Reserve Forces among other Chiefs, Directors and Staff officers from the Joint services.