The President of the Republic of Uganda, H.E Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni, yesterday commissioned The Voice Mall and Hotel at Bwebajja off Entebbe Road.

While addressing the celebrants, the Head-Of-State, said that Ms. Goodra Behakanira, the host and the builder of The Voice Mall & Hotel is a focused woman who brought him an idea to buy land up hill and requested him to give her some money to develop it.

President stressed that it was upon this background that he stood in for her and she was given money which she has used well as agreed and, thereafter, applauded her for not letting him down and also contributing towards the development of the country.

He added that the building has got a hotel which will attract tourists to bring money in the country. He further stated that the Government will include offices where most Government workers will be operating from five years to come.

The President revealed that Goodra started in Kabale district showing her capabilities through Magendo (black market) trade and then migrated to Kampala were she has invested in business and is now counted among the wealthy Ugandans.  H.E noted that it’s this background which has exposed the lies that there are no opportunities in Uganda.

H.E Museveni thanked Goodra for being endowed with good qualities among them being trustworthy, visionary, determined and a woman who copies best practices and brings them to her country.

To Ugandans, the President urged them to copy Goodra by being good contributors to their communities which automatically will further develop the country.

To Goodra’s children, President Museveni informed them that this is a challenge because their mother has played her role well and now it’s their turn to emulate her.

Hon. David Bahati, the Minister of State for Trade, Industry and Co-operatives, stated that he acted according to the President’s directive to assist Goodra purchase land which she has developed.

Hon. Bahati showed gratitude that Goodra used well the money she was given by the President and applauded her for being a trustworthy woman.

He went ahead and commended H.E Museveni for the support he gave to the Behakanira family and for being such a developmental leader.

Ms. Goodra Behakanira, while addressing the gathering, thanked President Museveni for bringing peace and developing the country as opposed to the old tough days when they never had banks and kept sacks of money under the beds, no phones; insecurity during Magendo trade where their money and goods were grabbed by force amidst other nasty behaviours of security forces (before NRM came to power).

She thanked President Museveni for according her late husband, Mr. Joseph Behakanira, a good send-off including flying his body in a helicopter to the burial ground.

She went ahead and appreciated the President for entrusting her with this project and giving her money to fulfil her desires of adding a stone to the development of the country through constructing The Voice Mall and Hotel.

She also thanked her children, Commissioner of Police (CP) Moses Kafeero, Resident District Commissioners (RDCs), Pastor Kisakye, Engineers, competent workers, among others, for contributing towards the achievement of The Voice Mall and Hotel project.

She revealed that the building is composed of 8 floors, 76 rooms, three conference rooms, a swimming pool, restaurants and gym, among others, and it was constructed using 80% of Uganda materials and also employed over 1,000 people during the lockdown, among them 300 women.