Lira Diocese Christians Prepare for Foot Pilgrimage to Namugongo

Christians from Lira Diocese are set to begin their walking pilgrimage to Namugongo on the 18th May 2023. This was recently confirmed by Mr. Odoch Isaac Newton the General Secretary of Lira Diocese Pilgrimage Movement.

According to Mr. Odoch Isaac Newton, about 800 Christians have shown interest and have already registered for the foot pilgrimage. Preparation for the pilgrimage in form of prayers, Mass has already commenced.

Different groups from Lira Diocese districts such as Apac, Oyam, etc. also to have come to join the pilgrims at Uganda Martyrs Cathedral in Lira to set off for the journey to Namugongo.

The other pilgrims expected along the way include those in the areas of Karuma, Bweyale and Luweero.

The pilgrimage resting Stations from Lira Diocese include-Loro, Diima, Kigumba, Nakitoma, Migeera, Katogo, Luweero and Matuga.

As regards their welfare in terms of meals, drinks, medication among others, the pilgrims often cater for themselves with the exemption of a few medical and relief items donated by well-wishers to support their pilgrimage cause. The greatest challenge faced by the pilgrims on this over trek is the swelling of legs, pain of the body especially legs and cardiovascular diseases thus a team of physicians is always carefully selected to cater for such emergencies.

According to the General Secretary, he says people participate in this journey of Faith to pray for their intentions and healing. “A lot of testimonies on being cured from different diseases have been recorded, people have been delivered from this walk of Faith”, he said. He also told our correspondent that during the walk, they do Evangelization by preaching to the people shop to shop, to the prostitutes and drug addicts giving them counseling, advice to transform them. He Concluded by testifying that many people from other denominations covert to the Catholic Church during the walk.

The Uganda Martyrs Shrine in Namugongo has in recent years grown into an acclaimed international pilgrimage site that gathers people from around the world. Jinja Diocese is leading this year’s Martyrs Day Celebration under the theme” Lord Increase our Faith” Luke 17:5