Promoting Fairness and Justice: KCCA Valuation Court Commences Sessions in Nakawa Division

The KCCA Valuation Court officially inaugurated its sessions in Nakawa division today at the Division headquarters, marking a momentous occasion for the residents.

Led by Chairman Samuel Muyizzi, the Valuation Court is set to address over 1,400 objectors’ grievances from Nakawa in a period of six months, starting on June 5, 2023. The court aims to provide a fair and impartial platform for resolving property tax concerns in the division.

With powers akin to a Magistrate’s court, the Valuation Court will specialize in resolving issues arising from property tax matters. Its responsibilities encompass conducting property valuations, reviewing property values upon request, and ruling on tax exemptions where necessary. One of its key functions is the power to reassess property rates based on valid arguments presented by complainants, enabling the court to adjust tax rates accordingly. Importantly, the decisions made by the Valuation Court can only be reviewed by the High Court, ensuring the integrity and legality of its rulings.

During the opening ceremony, Dorothy Kisaka, the KCCA Executive Director emphasized the significance of conducting court proceedings in adherence to the law and ensuring justice is served. Kisaka commended the efforts of the KCCA in streamlining institutions and expressed her support for the Valuation Court as a crucial step towards delivering quality services to the people of Kampala.

Mayor Paul Mugambe of Nakawa Division applauded the establishment of the Valuation Court, recognizing its role in dispensing justice to the people. He praised Nakawa Division’s outstanding performance in property tax collection, consistently surpassing set targets. Mayor Mugambe assured the court of their unwavering support in fulfilling its mandate and catering to the needs of the residents.

To enhance accessibility and efficiency, Chairman Muyizzi announced that the Valuation Court will launch a dedicated website to facilitate digital communication and provide valuable information to the public. The website will serve as a platform for accessing court-related updates, schedules and other relevant resources.

In a bid to engage the community and raise awareness, the Valuation Court plans to hold sessions closer to the affected communities and conduct sensitization campaigns. By reaching out directly to the people, the court aims to foster transparency and improve public understanding of the valuation process.

As the court prepares to tackle the substantial workload, Chairman Muyizzi highlighted the time constraints involved in property valuation, necessitating completion within a fixed timeframe. Acknowledging the significant number of objectors, the court will seek an extension from the council to effectively manage the workload and address all concerns adequately.

The court has already finished Central division where 1500 cases were had. After Nakawa, the court will continue to the Divisions of Kawempe, Lubaga and Makindye .

The launch of the KCCA Valuation Court Sessions represents a significant step towards promoting transparency, fairness and justice in property tax matters within Nakawa Division. With their focus on securing the necessary resources to fulfill their mandate, the Valuation Court is poised to play a crucial role in ensuring equitable taxation for the people of Kampala.​