Building Bridges and Strengthening Support: NRM Party Secretariat Engages with Wakiso District for Progress and Unity

Leaders of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party Secretariat have embarked on a mobilization drive and research survey in Wakiso District. Their aim is to assess the progress of implementing the party manifesto and engage with the community. This exercise, which began last month, involves holding meetings with community leaders and grassroots party supporters in different parts of the district. The purpose is to discuss the impact of government programs within communities and create a platform for Information sharing to  foster productive coexistence among party members.

The first meeting took place at New Life Resort, Kakiri Town Council in Busiro North Constituency. It was attended by the Deputy Secretary General, Rt. Hon. Namayanja Rose Nsereko, the Party National Treasurer, Hon. Amb. Barbara Nekesa Oundo, and the NRM party Vice Chairperson for Buganda Region, Hon. Godfrey Kiwanda Ssubi.

Kiwanda expressed his belief that this was a crucial opportunity for the party to regain support in the region. He acknowledged the divisions that emerged in Busiro North during the NRM primaries, which eventually led to the loss of the constituency to the opposition. To win back Busiro North, Kiwanda emphasized the need to strengthen support for the official party candidate and effectively communicate the party’s message to the electorate. He made it clear that retaining power is a top priority for the NRM.

Kiwanda called on party leaders and supporters to collaborate with party flagbearers in mobilizing the population and promoting the government’s development agenda. He also urged the offices of the RDCs to address the issue of rampant land disputes.

Deputy Secretary General Namayanja Rose Nsereko highlighted that the Secretariat officials were assigned by President Yoweri Museveni, the National Chairman, to organize the constituency conferences. She emphasized that their presence demonstrated a commitment to engaging with the people beyond election periods, addressing concerns raised by party members.

Namayanja expressed gratitude to the voters of Wakiso for the 30% of votes the president received in the district during the 2021 general elections. She compared this to the 90% votes received in some districts, emphasizing the importance of increasing support in Wakiso. Namayanja emphasized the unity and cohesion within the secretariat leadership, urging all attendees to embrace teamwork and avoid divisions within the party. She proposed an alternative to party primaries, suggesting that supporters in the constituency identify a candidate to contest unopposed, eliminating potential divisions.

She passionately called for the elimination of cliques within the NRM, focusing on the development of the area and unity within the party. Namayanja acknowledged the party’s diminished influence in the central region due to poor performance in the last national elections. Drawing inspiration from President Museveni’s ability to engage with adversaries, such as talking to Kony and inviting Obote’s son to the table, she stressed the importance of resolving internal differences and building a stronger and more united party.

Namayanja emphasized that winning support for the NRM in Buganda would grant the region a better position to advocate for development programs and resources. She urged everyone to vote for the NRM and prioritize mobilization efforts to strengthen the party’s bargaining power for national initiatives.

She also addressed the issue of opposition lies, highlighting the importance of countering them with truthful information about government programs and their benefits for the people. Namayanja proposed turning the NRM offices into a comprehensive information center where Ugandans can access all information regarding government programs at the district and village levels.

In her remarks, the Party National Treasurer, Hon. Amb. Barbara Nekesa Oundo, reiterated that the party chairman had tasked secretariat leaders to spend less time in office and instead reach out to the people at the grassroots. She said under the mobilization strategy, the leaders have partitioned the country into 31 mobilization zones, and conferences will be held at constituency level.

“After this mobilization exercise, we trust that we shall have strengthened the NRM party at the ground level,” she stated, adding: “We expect to receive performance reports from our local leadership at the district headed by the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) as we take stock of what we promised our people.”

The Parish Development Model National Coordinator, Denis Galabuzi, was all praise for the NRM for ushering peace and stability in the country since 1986.

 “Today, the challenge facing our country is poverty within households. The NRM strategy and plan to eradicate poverty is through wealth creation and increasing household income,” Galabuzi said, outlining the poverty alleviation programs like the Parish Development Model, Emyooga, and youth livelihood programs that have been put in place by the NRM to boost household incomes. He said in the past, the government has failed to monitor and supervise government programs.

The constituency conference was also attended by the NRM Women’s League Chairperson, Hon. Lydia Wanyoto, and the district RDC, among others.