Minister Nankabirwa to handover 105 resettlement houses in Buliisa

The Minister of Energy and Mineral Development, Hon. Dr Ruth Nankabirwa Ssentamu is at Kirama Village, Kigwera Sub-county in Buliisa district, to preside over the handover of resettlement houses to persons affected by oil and gas operations in the Tilenga area.

The 105 decent residential houses worth US$10 million being handed over today have been developed by TotalEnergies Uganda in the districts of Hoima, Buliisa, and Kikuube.

They are part of the planned 205 houses to be built and comprise 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms (depending on the size of the original structure), a sitting area, a veranda, an outside kitchen, a solar-powered system, rainwater Harvest Water Tank (5,000 liters), and a VIP Latrine.

The structures are located on parcels of land chosen by the affected households and have been designed to last for at least 25 years before any major refurbishment is required. The completion and handover of the remaining 100 houses is planned for the end of August 2023.