Grassroots Unity Strengthened Through Tours: Director for Finance and Administration at NRM Secretariat, Hajjat Medina Naham Emphasizes Renewed Support and Discipline

The Director for Finance and Administration at the NRM Secretariat, Hajjat Medina Naham believes that the ongoing tours of grassroot leaders will help to boost unity and renew the support of the party members.  

Hajjat Medina was yesterday meeting NRM members from Kira municipality at Zebra Spot in Wakiso district.

She said that the tours have provided a platform for members to iron out their internal differences and move together as members. 

“The meetings so far held have managed to solve pertinent  issues raised by grassroots party supporters,” Hajjat Medina said, adding that,” the Secretariat hopes to traverse the entire country as guided by our chairman and president Yoweri  Museveni to ensure that our party remains strong.”

“We have to listen to the issues of our people and look for solutions to the problems. We should not mobilize poor people. We need to help our people to get out of poverty,” Naham added. 

Naham called on the leaders to push for discipline within the party saying it is going to be handled as a serious issue going forward. She explained that party supporters will face the disciplinary committee.

“Let us avoid intrigue and infights within our party for us to move forward,” she said. 

On the issue of Kira, she stated that the Division faces a challenge in planning. “While planning for Wakiso as a district we can not do it as that of other districts in the country for example because its population is bigger than that of the 13 districts of the West Nile sub-region,” she said. 

She called on the leaders to join government efforts in the fight against corruption which cripples service delivery and in turn it retards development in our communities. 

She also informed the leaders of upcoming retreats for lower-level cadres at the different levels per region considering the large numbers of cadres in the districts. “However if you receive the cadre ship training go back and share with others in your communities what you have learnt, Medina told the leaders, adding that the party is in the process of updating the party register through re-registration of members. “This will help us in solving the challenges that come up during party primaries,” Medina said.

She later received reports on the progress of different government programs in the area.

Addressing the gathering, NRM party vice chairman for Central region, Hon Godfrey Kiwanda Ssubi said part of their mission as party leaders is to appreciate the Wakiso  District leaders for the mobilization efforts and commitment to the NRM party. “If you have an NRM member of Parliament you benefit a lot as the voters. This is because your voices are heard through your Member of Parliament in the NRM caucus and key decisions made by the government

He explained plans to have every constituency in Wakiso District turned into an NRM District to ease mobilization and administration of the party in the District. 

He called for dialogue and reconciliation within the party to resolve the divisions that developed from the party primaries in the 2021 elections.

The party’s Chairman for Wakiso District Hajji Abdul Kiyimba called upon leaders to desist from infighting and creating unnecessary hatred among party members. 

“We need to reconcile as people of the NRM in Kira municipality.  Let us work as a team to win elections and retain power. We are a very strong party and as leaders, we should act as an example to the rest of the party members. Kiyimba said.