The National Women’s Council has expressed concern over the negative sentiments from the opposition about the health status of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Having tested positive for Covid-19, the President has been in isolation at Nakasero State Lodge since last week.

Addressing journalists on Wednesday, Ms. Faridah Kibowa, the chairperson of the National Women’s Council said it was unfortunate to see some opposition leaders declare to their supporters that the President is faking his illness.

“It is sad to see all sorts of rumors about our President. In our culture, when one is sick, we send him or her prayers instead of mocking them. As a women’s fraternity, we pray for his quick recovery and good health,” she added.

Ms. Kibowa made the remarks shortly after delivering a banner with a picture of President Museveni containing quick recovery messages and prayers at the entrance of Nakasero State Lodge.

Ms. Susan Kushaba, the former chairperson of St.Balikuddembe (Owino) Market said it is important for all Ugandans to stand together in praying for the President for a quick recovery because as a chosen leader, the country still needs him to secure the future.

“As market vendors, we pray for our President to have a long healthy life. We advise all those that are spreading bad rumors towards him to cease their shameless acts,” she added.

In his latest statement issued on Tuesday 13th June,2023, the President said since Sunday he has been busy doing paperwork and that he would have gone out of self – confinement but when they checked on Sunday, he was still positive, “but the other parameters were good.”

“My social-media team brought me the messages that are overwhelmingly supportive. Thanks so much fellow Ugandans. I thank those who took the trouble to sign the boards at the Gate of Nakasero,” President Museveni said yesterday.

“I also noticed some few individuals from, I think, Kenya, saying that I was in ICU etc.  If I was in ICU, the government would inform the country. What is there to hide? However, I have not been to bed as a sick man in the house here except for sleeping, let alone being in a hospital bed, whether ICU or otherwise. Continue praying, we shall overcome,” he added.

The President has for the past three years been strict on observance of Covid-19 guidelines including putting on masks at all times and Covid-19 tests for his visitors.