KCCA Enhances Law Enforcement Performance through Proactive Training Program at NALI

The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has taken a proactive step in enhancing the performance of its law enforcement officers by organizing a two-week training program at the National Leadership Institute (NALI) in Kyankwazi.

Led by KCCA Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka, this initiative aims to bridge existing gaps in the officers’ capabilities and equip them with the necessary skills to provide high-quality law enforcement services.

The training program commenced with the first batch of 73 enforcement officers reporting to Kyankwazi, where they will undergo intensive training for two weeks. Subsequently, another batch will follow suit, ensuring all officers benefit from the program.

During the opening ceremony, on Monday June 19, 2023 Frank Rusa, the Director of Legal Affairs at KCCA, represented Executive Director Kisaka.

In her remarks, Kisaka emphasized the training’s objectives, which include enhancing the officers’ proficiency in defensive tactics, mechanics of arrest, restraint and control, customer care, prosecution and evidence collection and management.

“By equipping the officers with these skills, they will be better prepared to serve the interests of Kampala and its residents,” Kisaka said.

She acknowledged the dedication and efforts of the enforcement officers in maintaining an orderly environment for the citizens and partners of Kampala. Kisaka recognized the challenges they face during enforcement operations and commended their unwavering spirit in the pursuit of transforming Kampala into a vibrant and sustainable city.

Highlighting the importance of the training, Kisaka emphasized the need for improvement in certain areas of the officers’ performance to ensure the provision of exceptional law enforcement services. She stated, “The training program was designed to upskill, reskill and help the officers unlearn counterproductive habits that were detrimental to the image of KCCA.”

Brig Gen Charles Kisembo, the Director of NALI, expressed pride in hosting the training program and highlighted the institute’s focus on sharing ideas and applying knowledge for the common good. He encouraged more government agencies to embrace the institute’s ideological grounding, as many have already begun sending personnel to NALI.

Located approximately 200 kilometers from Kampala, NALI offers a unique opportunity for law enforcement officers to undergo ideological orientation and development. Since its establishment in 1985, the institute has played a crucial role in mobilizing leaders and promoting values such as patriotism, integrity, professionalism and consistency.

Grace Akullo, the Director of Administration and Human Resource at KCCA, emphasized the importance of the training in empowering the officers with necessary knowledge and fostering an ideological perspective to support their development. The KCCA management aims to ensure that the officers become proactive and positive in their work, ultimately delivering better services to the residents of Kampala.

As the enforcement officers undergo training at NALI, KCCA plans to extend the program to all personnel, reaffirming their commitment to transforming Kampala and upholding the city’s reputation.

Simon Kasyate, the Deputy Director of Public and Corporate Affairs, highlighted that the enforcement officers are regarded as ambassadors of KCCA, and their interactions with the public significantly influence the institution’s perception. He urged them to behave in manner that is humane.

By the conclusion of their training at NALI, the law enforcement officers are expected to return to Kampala with a renewed sense of purpose and enhanced skills. They will be ready to enforce the law, maintain order and uphold values such as patriotism, integrity, professionalism and consistency, ensuring the continued development and prosperity of Kampala as Smart City.​