Local Leaders in Karamoja Sub-region Call for Cash Disbursement of PDM Fund to Ensure Accessibility and Safety

Local leaders in the Karamoja sub-region are calling for a change in the disbursement of the Parish Development Model (PDM) fund. They are demanding that the funds be delivered in cash directly to the beneficiaries, rather than through electronic money transfers.

Currently, some districts in the region are disbursing the PDM funds to beneficiaries using the Post Bank Mobile Van or mobile money. However, there are concerns about poor network connectivity in districts like Nakapiripirit, Nabilatuk, Amudat, and Karenga, which could hinder cash transfer through mobile money.

In Nabilatuk district, beneficiaries have been issued ATM cards, raising concerns about the limited banking infrastructure in South Karamoja. Sylvia Awas, the Nabilatuk district woman member of parliament, expressed her dissatisfaction with the use of electronic money transactions due to the poor mobile network connectivity in the region.

She also highlighted the safety concerns, as beneficiaries may not be able to memorize their PINs, putting their funds at risk of being withdrawn without their knowledge. Awas called on the government to revise the fund disbursement approach and consider providing cash payments to avoid frustrations.