Minister Nankabirwa Enthusiastic about Net Metering Technology

Dr Ruth Nankabirwa Ssentamu, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Development, is enthusiastic about spearheading the introduction of Net Metering technology in Uganda.
She has proposed pilot programs for this innovative billing system at prominent government sites, including the Kololo Ceremonial Grounds in Kampala, the Minerals Department in Entebbe, and the strategically located army barracks in Nakasongola.
This announcement was made during a meeting held at the Ministry headquarters in Amber House. Minister Nankabirwa engaged with Nexus Green, a specialized British firm known for promoting accessible solar-powered solutions.
Net Metering is an advanced billing approach that empowers users to offset their electricity expenses by channeling surplus energy from their renewable energy, such as solar systems, back into the grid.

Expressing her unwavering commitment, Dr Nankabirwa pledged her full support for the Net Metering trial project. She underscored Uganda’s dedication to fostering innovation within the energy sector and maintaining a sustainable energy and resource management approach.
The leader of the Nexus Green team, Mr Riki Verma, highlighted a crucial timeline concern in the project. He emphasized the significance of ensuring seamless implementation without any delays.
In response, Minister Nankabirwa affirmed her intention to collaborate with the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) to expedite the development of guidelines essential for adopting this technology. She emphasized the importance of the trial project’s progress, as the insights gained from its execution would significantly influence forthcoming policies.

Nexus Green also informed the Minister about their plans to introduce E-Boda-Bodas (electric motorcycle taxis), with a nationwide rollout scheduled by 2025. This ambitious initiative reflects Uganda’s relentless determination to modernize and electrify the transportation sector while embracing eco-friendly and sustainable mobility solutions.
As Uganda continues to advance its progressive energy and mineral policies, the productive meeting between Minister Nankabirwa and the Nexus Green team underscores the nation’s steadfast commitment to cultivating a greener, more efficient, and forward-looking energy landscape.