Decisive Action: President Museveni Announces Airstrike on ADF Terrorists

President Museveni has addressed the nation regarding Uganda’s Air Force attack on ADF terrorists. Below is the President’s full statement.

Statement by H.E The President on Uganda’s Air Force Attack on ADF Terrorists

Fellow Ugandans and, especially the Bazzukulu. This is to inform you that last Saturday, the 16th of September, 2023, our Air Force attacked four ADF terrorists’ targets that were between kms 100 and kms 150 from the Ugandan border on the Ntoroko side. These targets had been located by assets from our Special Duties Regiments (SDR) that have good reconnaissance assets. According to subsequent intelligence, it seems that a lot of terrorists were killed, including the notorious Meddie Nkalubo, who has been the author of the bombs in Kampala – e.g. those near the Police Station in Kampala, that one near Parliament and the ones that were discovered recently near Kayanja’s Church and in the Bunamwaya area. These uninformed People have been playing with deadly fire for a long time. They will now discover that killing Ugandans is not a good hobby. In this part of the World, there is nowhere we cannot get them, if we coordinate with the Governments of the sister countries. We salute His Excellency Felix Tshisekedi for allowing us to work with the Congo Army to liberate this part of Congo from these mindless criminals and also punish them for killing Ugandans using infiltrators. You remember the recent killing of the Nyabugaando children by cutting them with pangas, the Sheikhs, Major Kiggundu, Gen. Katumba’s daughter, Joan Kagezi, etc. All those involved will perish unless they surrender.