Forensic Teams From UK And South Africa to Re-examine Bodies of Their Deceased Citizens

The Joint Security Agencies deeply mourn the tragic and senseless murder of two foreign tourists and their Ugandan guide/driver, Eric Alyai. The victims, who were celebrating their honeymoon, had their lives tragically cut short during this joyous occasion. The bodies of the foreign tourists are currently being held in the mortuary at Mulago National Referral Hospital. Forensic experts from the UK and South Africa are expected to arrive soon to coordinate with investigative and scientific experts. Together, they will review the circumstances surrounding the violent attack, evaluate the evidence, and conduct a forensic analysis of the collected samples.

Following these assessments, an official report detailing the victims’ deaths will be provided. The body of the Ugandan guide/driver, Eric Alyai, has already been handed over to his relatives after a post-mortem examination.

The Security Agencies express profound sadness that such a tragic incident occurred in Uganda, a country that attracts thousands of tourists, both foreign and domestic. This incident is deeply regrettable. The Police extend their heartfelt condolences to the families and loved ones of the British citizen, the South African, and Alyai Eric. The thoughts and prayers of the police are with all those affected. Additionally, the police offer sincere condolences to the British High Commission and the South African Commission in Uganda for the loss of their citizens.

As mentioned by His Excellency, The President, the UPDF Mountain Brigade and Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) continue their relentless pursuit of the terrorists who fled the scene. The police are confident that all individuals responsible for this horrific and violent attack will be held accountable for their criminal actions.

The Security team reassures all Ugandans and visitors that ensuring the safety of tourists remains a top priority. Consequently, security measures have been adjusted and intensified. There are increased patrols along major roads and highways in Kasese district, with the deployment of an integrated highway patrol unit. Additionally, various road policing measures have been implemented in neighboring areas. Security deployments at all tourist sites have also been enhanced. These comprehensive security measures are designed to guarantee peace, safety, and security throughout the country.