Former Deputy Resident City Commissioner for Rubaga Division Anderson Burora Forms NRM-IR to Combat Corruption

The Former Deputy Resident City Commissioner for Rubaga Division Anderson Burora has formed the National Resistance Movement in Resistance ( NRM-IR) a break way group from NRM to fight corruption.

Speaking to the press in Kampala the founder of this group Burora noted that NRM doesn’t tolerate corruption and this group will resist corrupt leaders, impunity , abuse of office .

He says people can’t continue to die because of lack of service delivery while leaders are sharing what should be saving people.

“Our children can’t continue to fail to attend school because of lack of infrastructure , because of lack of finances to fund academics and leaders are sharing money met to fund their education ,we can’t fail to have a proper infrastructure because leaders are investing in their own hospitals and Schools and public schools and other facilities are redundant,today we come up to say no to corruption because in the past it has been labeled that corruption is in the ruling party , we a in NRM that is not corrupt hence calling upon the NRM members ,the Bazzukulu among others to join the fight” Burora says.

He also asked the Inspector General of Government Betty Kamya to resign because she has failed to do her work but just lamenting all the time.

He also asked the auditor general to explain why is he not revealing information about coruption or his in conspiracy with those his supposed to audit.

Burora also asked how shall Parliament audit other Ministries Departments and Agencies when it can’t be audited ,how will the speaker hold other people accountable when she has deliberately refused accountability in Parliament.

He reveals that their protest won’t be carried out on streets but will targets homes ,funerals and churches of leaders they pray from especially members of Parliament.

He thus warned religious leaders who express double standards in the fight against corruption as they welcome corrupt officials because of the money they give to churches well knowing that such people are under investigation with the public continuing to ask questions and u continue receiving their money and speak on the alter.

He also asked rotary clubs to go slow on asking money because the activities you a engaging in would be done by government and at the end of the day u complain about corruption hence calling to an end of such acts.