Qatar Airways Increases Flight Frequency to Entebbe to Meet Summer Demand.

Qatar Airways is increasing its flight frequency to Entebbe, Uganda to meet summer demand. “The increased frequency now guarantees improved connectivity for passengers traveling from Uganda to the USA, Asia, Europe and North Africa,” said Qatar Airways Vice President – Africa, Hendrik du Preez. The airline will operate 11 weekly flights between Doha and Entebbe from 1 August to 30 September. This is an increase of three flights per week from the current daily service.

Du Preez added: “With 18 per cent of the world’s population and making up less than two per cent of air transport activity, Africa is an untapped market with increasing travel and business opportunities. We are expanding connectivity throughout the continent by increasing the number of destinations we serve, and the frequencies we offer, and through partnerships with African airlines.”

The increased flight frequency is part of Qatar Airways’ aim to improve air connectivity across Africa and forge stronger economic, business and cultural ties. The airline is expanding its network throughout Africa by increasing the number of destinations it serves and the frequencies it offers.

Qatar Airways is also committed to the Ugandan market and is set to boost the growth of Uganda’s exports with the increased flights. “The increase in Entebbe flights is indicative of Qatar Airways’ dedication to the Ugandan market, and is set to boost the growth of Uganda’s exports,” said Du Preez. The airline has also added new routes to Kinshasa, Luanda and other African destinations.

Qatar Airways currently offers 180 flights per week to various destinations across Africa. When codeshare partners are included, the number expands to over 900 weekly flights across the continent. The airline is also demonstrating its long-term commitment to Africa by investing in Kigali’s new international airport.
According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the aviation industry currently supports 7.7 million jobs in Africa and $63 billion of the continent’s GDP of which $44 billion is generated by tourism in the region. 
“The upside is significant for both the aviation sector and the continent. According to IATA, Africa’s passenger traffic is forecast to nearly double by 2035 and will exceed 263 million passengers, up from 134 million carried in 2022.