FUFA Judicial Bodies Convene for 2023/24 Season Review

FUFA Judicial Bodies convened on Tuesday, 10th July 2024 for a productive engagement with FUFA President Hon. Magogo Moses Hassim. The purpose of the meeting was to assess the previous season and review the handling of judicial matters by various FUFA Judicial Bodies, aligned with FUFA’s Vision and Mission.

In attendance were FUFA Executive Committee Member and Executive Secretary-Governance, Sam Mpiima; FUFA CEO Edgar Watson; FUFA Judicial Commission Chairperson Dr. Azah Taib; and FUFA Deputy CEO-Governance, Sam Bakiika. Also present were heads of Judicial Bodies, members, and the FUFA Legal Office led by Legal Manager Denis Lukambi, Legal Officer Sheba Ampaire, and Legal Assistant Kevin Aijuka.

The review meeting evaluated past actions and outlined upcoming plans for the new season to enhance the delivery of swift and equitable decisions to all stakeholders. FUFA President commended the dedication of FUFA Judicial Bodies in maintaining integrity within the sport.

“The individuals behind FUFA’s judicial processes have performed admirably. On behalf of the Executive, I extend my gratitude for their dedicated efforts in upholding fairness, which ensures football remains the beautiful game,” he remarked.

He also acknowledged the contributions of the FUFA Legal Office under Denis Lukambi’s leadership, noting their support in facilitating judicial proceedings.

“The Secretariat has been instrumental in assisting judicial bodies to ensure justice is served,” the President emphasized. He reiterated FUFA’s commitment to governance and fair play in football.

“Fair play is fundamental to football, and its absence affects the sport comprehensively. FUFA places great emphasis on governance to promote fair play,” he added

The President highlighted two current challenges facing football: match-fixing and hooliganism. He affirmed FUFA’s determination to combat these issues through strict adherence to rules and regulations, promising stringent sanctions to uphold the integrity of the sport.

FUFA’s Executive Secretary for Governance, Sam Mpiima, a member of the Executive Committee, expressed satisfaction with decisions made for the benefit of the game.

“FUFA will continue to support the activities of its Judicial Bodies, focusing on stakeholder awareness and the transparency of judicial processes,” he affirmed.

Dr. Azah Taib, Chairperson of the FUFA Judicial Commission, outlined plans to enhance judicial processes through stakeholder sensitization.

“This initiative aims to foster understanding and trust in the operations of our judicial system within the football community and the public,” she stated.

FUFA’s judicial process will undergo a pilot project to transition from manual to online service delivery, enhancing efficiency. Review meetings will be scheduled mid-season and during the off-season before each new football season.

FUFA Legal Manager Lukambi reported a decrease in cases handled by the FUFA Legal office in the recently concluded season. This decline reflects increased awareness among players, referees, and club officials regarding the proper channels for submitting complaints and seeking justice.