Cattle Theft ,Recent Incidents and Successful Recoveries Across Uganda

There has been an increase in cattle theft countrywide as we approach the festive season. In Tororo, three separate incidents were reported, and all exhibits have been recovered; all four suspects are in custody awaiting advice from the RSA. In one of the incidents that happened on November 13, 2023, four cows were recovered, and two suspects were arrested to aid in investigations in Tororo district.

The recovery was a result of concerted efforts by both the cattle owners and community members, “good Samaritans,” who partnered in the search for the animals and accordingly notified the Territorial Police of Tororo CPS. The Police responded and arrested two culprits, Omuse Micheal and Obbo Vincent, in connection with the crime. This incident occurred in Amagoro2, Amagoro Ward, Eastern Division, Tororo Municipality, Tororo District, on November 13, 2023. The animals belonging to Issa Karim of the Amagoro A cell in Amagoro Ward, Eastern Division, Tororo municipality were recovered on November 14, 2023, from Morukatioe S/c in Tororo District. The suspects are currently detained at CPS Tororo.

Gomba: On November 16, 2023, at New-farm, a branch of Kisozi state farm, Kifampa sub-county, Gomba district, unknown persons stole and drove out 10 heads of cattle. With the help of Canine, three suspects identified as Assimwe Julius, Tubajukira Muhamood, and Yunisiima Innocent were arrested. No recovery yet, but investigations are ongoing.

Kyegegwa: On November 16, 2023, thieves attacked Bulingo Village and drove away 29 herds of cattle from the kraal of Kauma Andrew to Wekomire playground, where they expected to sell them. Police were tipped off and swung into action. Two suspects, Arinaitwe Richard, 40 years old, and Baguma Alex, 30 years old, were arrested at Wekomire Playground, where 29 stolen heads of cattle were subsequently recovered.

Buhweju: On November 15, 2023, at Nyakarambi village, Rwemoma ward, Nyakashaka Town council, Buhweju District, Kellen Kenganzi went to check on her two cows for grazing only to find them missing from the kraal. They searched around the village but could not find them. Later, two unidentified men who had just disembarked from a taxi informed them that they met one Rujumba Micheal with the same cows. They proceeded to Kyabugimbi Police who arrested Rujumba. Cows were not on his farm but were recovered from a neighboring village at the farm of Bambeiha Eliab who said they were taken there by the suspect. They were recovered and taken to Kyabugimbi police. The Police applaud the vigilance of the community members and our security teams, especially the canine unit that was able to track down the animals.