Kampala Gears Up for NAM Summit with KCCA’s Urban Beautification Campaign

The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has initiated an extensive urban beautification campaign, encouraging property proprietors in Kampala Central Division to elevate the aesthetics of their buildings and surroundings.

This campaign, inaugurated today by the Mayor of Central Division, His Worship Salim Uhuru, is part of the groundwork for the impending Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit.

The upcoming Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit is set for January 2024.

The program commenced with property owners along Kampala Road and Entebbe Road leading the way in repainting their homes and enhancing facades, aligning with a directive from the KCCA.

The objective is to metamorphose the city into a lively and visually appealing center in anticipation of the esteemed NAM summit.

During the launch, Uhuru stressed the significance of this beautification initiative, urging property owners to seize the opportunity to refine the city’s elegance by repainting structures, repairing walkways, and addressing maintenance concerns such as manholes.

Uhuru commended Property Services for being the inaugural property owner to adopt the initiative. He urged other property owners in Kampala Central Division and Makindye Division to follow suit. He emphasized that no approval from KCCA would be necessary for painting activities during this period.

“This is a golden opportunity for property owners to contribute to the transformation of our city. Let’s make Kampala shine as we welcome the world for the NAM summit,” declared Mayor Salim Uhuru during the launch.

Property owners are encouraged not only to repaint their structures but also to focus on fixing walkways, manholes and ensuring overall cleanliness of their properties.

“We need to have buildings improved by December 15, failure to comply with the set guidelines by the deadline may result in the closure of buildings,” Uhuru stated.

KCCA’s initiative is not solely aimed at visually enhancing the city for the NAM summit but also seeks to instill a sense of pride and community responsibility among Kampala residents.

Central Division Town Clerk Dennis Omodi mentioned that as the city undergoes this transformation, the collective effort is crucial in presenting Kampala as a vibrant and well-maintained destination for the upcoming international event.