Kawempe Police Division Thwarts Robbery: UPDF Officer and Accomplice Apprehended in Swift Operation

During a swift and intelligence-driven operation on January 8, 2024, at 11 am, officers from Kawempe Police Division, Katale Police Station, achieved a major breakthrough by apprehending two suspects involved in an aggravated robbery in Maganjo A Zone, Wakiso District. The arrested individuals, identified as UPDF officer Kyaligonza Robert and Ssekyanzi Elia, were caught red-handed carrying a bag believed to contain stolen money. Despite their attempts to escape, vigilant officers successfully detained the duo.

The arrest revealed that Kyaligonza Robert was in possession of a star pistol with 8 rounds of ammunition. The suspects later confessed to robbing a mobile money agent, Mr. Muwonge Eddy, in Maganjo. Investigations unveiled that the perpetrators, armed with a gun, forcefully robbed six hundred thousand shillings from Polymath Investments, an Airtel branch in Maganjo, at around 10 am.

The timely intervention of officers from Katale Police Station thwarted the suspects’ attempt to dispose of the stolen items en route to the police station. Kyaligonza Robert, previously implicated in a theft case, has been taken into UPDF custody.

The suspects will face investigations for aggravated robbery, and the seized firearm has been submitted to our forensic expert team for analysis, determining its involvement in any previous reported crimes. The victims, Muwonge Eddy and Nanteza Christine, have been identified, and their statements will contribute to the ongoing investigations.

The police appeal to the public for cooperation and any relevant information that may aid in concluding this case. Further details will be provided as soon as possible.