Speaker Rejects Francis Zaake’s Appointment as Deputy Chief Whip

The Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among, dismissed the appointment of Francis Zaake, the MP for Mityana Municipality, as the Deputy Chief Whip. The Speaker asserted, “We don’t have that position (deputy chief whip) in our Rules of Procedure. We don’t have it, withdraw it. We have a whip who is your good self, we don’t have a deputy in our Rules of Procedure,” directing the Chief Opposition Whip, John Baptist Nambeshe, to withdraw the statement.

The attempt to assign Zaake to two positions, Shadow Minister of Presidency and Security, along with Deputy Chief Whip, was halted by the Speaker, who emphasized the absence of the latter role in parliamentary rules. The Opposition subsequently retracted their decision.

This development adds another layer to the strained relationship between Zaake and Speaker Among, stemming from previous incidents in Parliament. Despite the Constitutional Court nullifying the resolution to remove Zaake from his role as a commissioner of Parliament, tensions persist.

Zaake, who had been censured for alleged inappropriate language against Speaker Among, expressed dissatisfaction and took the matter to court for nullification. The ongoing tension raises questions about the possibility of repairing their relationship, especially with the new opposition leadership in Parliament.

Despite facing cases before the Rules, Privileges, and Discipline Committee, Zaake was replaced as a Commissioner of Parliament, marking a significant development two years after his initial removal by a group of legislators. The unfolding events continue to highlight the complexities and challenges within the parliamentary landscape.