South African Minister Advocates UN Security Council Reform and Ceasefire in Gaza at NAM Summit

Dr. Naledi Pandor Mandisa, South Africa’s Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, has urged the expansion of the UN Security Council to include a permanent representative from the global south. Speaking at the ongoing NAM Summit in Kampala, Mandisa stressed the importance of a reformed and fair global governance system, characterized by adherence to the United Nations’ Charter and peaceful dispute resolution.

“We require a system that isn’t manipulated by powerful nations,” she expressed to delegates at the ongoing NAM Summit in Kampala.

Mandisa emphasized the necessity for the UN Security Council to broaden its representation to encompass African countries, aiming to prevent the selective application of international law and uphold fundamental respect for human rights.

Dr. Mandisa’s plea aligns with the longstanding demand of numerous developing nations for increased representation in global decision-making bodies. The existing structure of the Security Council, with five permanent members wielding veto power, has faced criticism for being undemocratic and not reflective of the contemporary 21st-century realities.

Additionally, Mandisa called for an immediate and comprehensive ceasefire in the ongoing conflict in Gaza. “We also advocate for the release of captives by Hamas,” she remarked.