Alupo Asserts: NAM Summit Affirms Global Trust in Uganda’s Leadership

The ongoing Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit in Munyonyo, Kampala, stands as evidence of the international community’s trust in Uganda’s leadership, according to Vice President Jessica Alupo.

In her address to delegates on Wednesday morning, Alupo highlighted the enduring importance of non-alignment as a constitutional cornerstone and a central pillar of Uganda’s foreign policy. She emphasized Uganda’s early commitment to NAM in 1964, just two years after gaining independence.

Recognizing the complexities of the current global landscape, Alupo acknowledged the summit’s occurrence amid “numerous existing, new, and emerging issues” that hinder the progress of NAM member states in achieving shared aspirations.

Despite these challenges, Alupo expressed confidence in NAM’s ability to navigate turbulent times. The summit is anticipated to conclude with the adoption of a declaration, articulating NAM’s collective position on pressing global matters and its vision for a more just and equitable world.