President Museveni meets UN Secretary General at the Sidelines of the NAM Summit in Munyonyo

President Museveni met with United Nations Secretary General Mr. Antonio Guterres this afternoon on the sidelines of the ongoing Non-Aligned Movement at Speke Resort Munyonyo in Kampala.

During the meeting, President Museveni and the UN Secretary General discussed various issues related to peace and security in the Great Lakes region. Mr. Antonio Guterres commended Uganda and President Museveni for their crucial role in peacekeeping and ensuring stability in the Great Lakes region and across Africa as a whole.

The UN Secretary General also praised Uganda for its inclusive refugee policy, which has provided a welcoming home for many refugees from the region. He highlighted the UN administration’s ongoing reforms, including efforts to reform the Security Council and international financial systems, to better address universal needs.

He also commended Uganda for its positive and accommodating refugee policy, which has made Uganda a home to many refugees from the region.

In addition, he mentioned that the UN administration is implementing various reforms, including the reform of the Security Council and international financial systems, to better address the universal needs of humanity, with a particular focus on the needs of the developing world.

President Museveni expressed his gratitude to the United Nations leadership for embracing Uganda’s long-standing proposal, along with those of other African countries, to receive support from the international community in handling security matters on the continent. This approach would be more effective, as it takes into account the unique challenges faced by specific regions in Africa, rather than relying solely on UN peacekeeping forces that may not have a comprehensive understanding of the local context.

‘’ With insecurity the number one victims are the citizens living in that particular country and then the neighbors, so they are the ones that should be empowered to find a solution not the foreigners’’ he said.

On Uganda’s refugee policy, the President stated that Uganda’s actions were deliberate, as most of the refugees hosted in Uganda are closely linked to the Ugandan people. It is considered wise to accommodate them during times of crisis.