NWSC Launches Ambitious Project for Water and Sanitation Infrastructure in Three Cities

On Tuesday, January 30, 2024, the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) initiated a feasibility study aimed at enhancing water supply and sanitation conditions in three cities: Fort Portal, Hoima, and Lira. NWSC Managing Director, Eng. Dr. Silver Mugisha, disclosed during the project launch that the utility secured grant financing from the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) for consultancy services, addressing the water and sanitation infrastructure development in the specified cities.

Dr. Mugisha revealed that NWSC signed a €1,099,823.50 (over UGX 4.54 billion) contract with the Seureca and Artelia Consortium, with Warner Consultants Ltd as subcontractors, to conduct feasibility studies for water and sewerage infrastructure. He emphasized the project’s alignment with the president’s commitment to water accessibility in the newly established cities, noting increased demand for water services.

The project, endorsed by the president, is expected to benefit over 1,050,000 people. It involves constructing a conventional water treatment plant, rehabilitating and expanding sewer networks, refurbishing sewage treatment plants, and improving water supply and sanitation services for urban populations.

NWSC aims to address challenges such as low sewer network coverage, outdated infrastructure, and deficiencies in water supply systems. Dr. Mugisha outlined specific issues in Fort Portal, Hoima, and Lira, emphasizing the need for rehabilitation and expansion.

The consultancy, spanning 13 months from February 2024 to February 2025, seeks to deliver tangible results within the stipulated time and cost. Dr. Mugisha assured residents of the three cities of NWSC’s commitment to stabilizing water supply, acknowledging the prolonged water supply challenges faced by these areas.

The project extends to several town centers in Fort Portal City and includes beneficiaries in Lira and Hoima cities. Mr. Christopher Lacaring, representing Seureca and Artelia Consortium with Warner Consultants, pledged to complete the projects within the specified timeframe and budget. He highlighted the consultant’s extensive experience and past successful projects in Uganda, emphasizing collaboration with beneficiaries for an effective and inclusive initiative.