Parliament Urges Increased Funding for Blood Donation Initiatives Amidst Shortages

Lawmakers have directed the Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development to provide an additional allocation of Shs10 billion to the National Drug Authority (NDA) for the facilitation of blood donation initiatives by the Uganda Hematopoietic Services.

In response to a call from Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa urging blood donations, Members of Parliament (MPs) discussed the need for increased funding to support blood transfusion services. Tayebwa emphasized the urgent need for blood donations, highlighting shortages across the country and proposing a blood donation week to be organized within Parliament.

While supporting the initiative, Hon. Sarah Opendi (Indep., Tororo District Woman MP) stressed the importance of providing resources to NDA for the procurement of necessary supplies and storage facilities. Opendi highlighted the ongoing shortage of funds, with Uganda Blood Transfusion Services requiring an additional Shs10 billion for essential equipment and reagents.

Rukia Nakadama, Third Deputy Prime Minister and Minister without Portfolio, pledged to follow up with the finance ministry to ensure timely allocation of funds to NDA.

Hon. Samuel Opio (Indep., Kole North County) emphasized the importance of prioritizing funding for Nakasero Blood Bank to support its vital functions in addressing the country’s blood supply shortfall.

Additionally, Hon. Judith Achan (NRM, Nwoya District Woman MP) called on the Ministry of Health to ensure that hospitals are adequately equipped with blood storage facilities to address storage challenges.