Government Chief Whip Denis Obua lauds Huawei Uganda for the Impact of the Huawei Digitruck in the Lango Sub-Region.

Huawei Uganda hosted a graduation ceremony for 241 beneficiaries from Lango Sub-Region at Boma Grounds in Alebtong District. The Chief Guest of the event was the Government Chief Whip, Hon. Denis Obua. Other attendees included various local leaders from the Sub-region and Mr. Gao Jian, the Deputy Managing Director of Huawei Uganda.

The tech giants Huawei Technologies DigiTruck project has trained 241 Ugandans in Alebtong District since 16th February 2024 when this program officially started in the district and successfully completed by 5th March 2024.
The Huawei Uganda Digi Truck project is aligned with the country’s 2040 vision, National Development Plan, and Education Digital Agenda Strategy all aimed at transforming the East African state into a digital village. 

The Chief Guest Hon. Denis Obua started with appreciating the codial relationship between the Government of the Republic of Uganda and Government of The People’s Republic of China.  Hon. Obua went on and reminded the attendees that the Huawei digitruck was launched by the President of Uganda in 2023 signifying the fact that Uganda greatly supports the digital agenda for the People. 
“Today, Huawei brings the Digitruck here to Alebtong which is also the third coming after Teso sub-region and Busoga Region to benefit from this program to train digital skills to our people. For the beneficiaries of this program, you should look out for some opportunities for example, Government will need digitally skilled people for the Census very soon and other opportunities in other sectors that need people with such digital skills in their respective regions. This is a clear manifestation that ICT is a very important aspect in our lives.” Hon. Obua states.

He reminds the youth that every successful men has a ‘start’ story, encouraging youth to start small (Grass to Grace), “with such skills you have attained you can use it to transform Alebtong and beyond.” Obua says. 

Hon. Obua congratulated the graduands present once again and handed over a token to the graduands present for representing the people of Lango sub-region in acquiring such great skills. The Government Chiefwhip, Hon. Obua lauded Huawei for its efforts for training young people in computer skills. 

Huawei Uganda’s Deputy Managing Director, Mr. Gao Jian stated that the DigiTruck project is part of Huawei TECH4ALL initiative which aims to drive digital inclusion and sustainability across the globe. 
Mr. Gao Jian stated, “The training in Alebtong started on 16th February 2024 and officially ended 5th March 2024. This cohort comprised of students, teachers, farmers and civil servants like health workers and government officers. I am glad to say that there was very good balance of gender in Alebtong. Through ICT skilling, these beneficiaries have become architects of their own destiny.”
“We are officially witnessing the fruits of our initial meeting Hon. Obua hereby presenting 241 Ugandans graduating from this program here in Lango region and recognizes that ICT education is not a luxury but a necessity.” Mr. Gao Continued. 
Mr. Gao Jian appreciated Hon. Obua and the local leadership of Lango for the warm welcome received for the Huawei Digitruck in Alebtong and ensuring that the people benefit from these ICT skills. He concluded by congratulating the beneficiaries from Alebtong and reminded them that they are not alone but are part of a global community, connected by the invisible threads of technology. He encouraged them to join hands to have a fully connected and intelligent world through the skills they have gained to start by using it to improve themselves and eventually have a better Uganda.