Kobugabe and Mbabazi Make History: Uganda Secures First-Ever Badminton Gold at African Games

Uganda celebrated a historic victory at the 13th All-African Games in Ghana as Husina Kobugabe and Gladys Mbabazi clinched gold in the women’s doubles badminton event. Their exceptional performance electrified the crowd as they defeated Algeria’s Halla Bouksani and Tanina Violette Mammeri in a thrilling final, marking a milestone for Ugandan badminton.

Reflecting on their achievement, Kobugabe expressed immense pride, emphasizing the remarkable journey they undertook to secure the gold medal. Throughout the tournament, the duo demonstrated remarkable resilience and skill, overcoming intense matches with strategic gameplay.

Their path to victory was paved with challenges, notably a narrow escape in the round of 16 that served as a wake-up call, fueling their determination to succeed. Despite facing tough opponents, they remained focused on their goal, ultimately triumphing over Mauritius and Egypt to secure their place in the finals.

Their success was not only a testament to their hard work and dedication but also highlighted the strong teamwork and mutual understanding between Kobugabe and Mbabazi. Looking ahead, they remain committed to their long-term goals, including securing points for the 2024 Paris Olympics qualifiers.

As their journey continues, Kobugabe and Mbabazi prepare to compete in the 2024 Orleans Masters badminton in France, further demonstrating their unwavering commitment to excellence on the international stage.