Uganda Police Force Takes Decisive Action to Address Private Security Guard Incidents

Uganda Police Force has launched a comprehensive initiative aimed at curbing a series of troubling incidents.

Reports have highlighted a range of challenges faced by private security guards, including violent altercations between guards themselves, assaults on clients at various guard sites such as petrol stations, sports betting companies, factories, and residential properties, as well as the establishment of illegal roadblocks.

These incidents have left victims traumatized and frustrated, prompting swift action from law enforcement authorities. The Uganda Police Force has rolled out a multi-pronged approach to tackle these issues head-on.

One of the key components of the initiative involves enforcement measures. Territorial commanders have been directed to crack down on errant security guards found to be in breach of established guidelines. This includes the immediate arrest of offenders and the confiscation of improperly handled firearms. Additionally, non-compliant Private Security Organizations (PSOs) face suspension in collaboration with Police Headquarters.

Moreover, licensing measures have been implemented to hold PSOs accountable for their actions. Operating licenses for PSOs found to be in violation of regulations are not being renewed, with several organizations already facing suspension or license cancellations since the beginning of 2024.

Operational collaboration between different departments within the police force is also a key aspect of the initiative. The Directorate of Operations is working closely with PSOs to raise awareness of priority threats and establish better auditing processes to ensure compliance with regulations.

Furthermore, the Directorate of Crime Intelligence is conducting rigorous background checks and gathering actionable intelligence to address the misuse of firearms.

Recognizing the importance of training and development, the Uganda Police Force is in the process of implementing a standardized training curriculum for private security guards. This curriculum, which emphasizes tactical skills, is set to be rolled out by the Directorate of Human Resource Development.

Through these proactive measures, the Uganda Police Force aims to tackle gun violence, safeguard the safety of security personnel, clients, and the wider community, and promote responsible firearm handling and management among private security organizations across the country.