Hon John Mulimba, State Minister for Foreign Affairs , Receives Copies of the Credentials of the Ambassador -Designate of the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Uganda

His Excellency Mohammed Bin Khalil Faloudah, the newly appointed Ambassador of the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Uganda, officially presented copies of his letter of credentials to the Honorable John Mulimba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uganda, in a ceremony held earlier today.

During the presentation, Minister Mulimba warmly welcomed Ambassador Faloudah, highlighting the amicable relations between Uganda and Saudi Arabia. He emphasized the enduring friendship between the two nations, underlining Saudi Arabia’s significant support for educational endeavors in Uganda, notably through initiatives such as the Islamic University of Uganda. Minister Mulimba also commended the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its increased provisions for Ugandan pilgrims, enabling many to undertake pilgrimages to the revered holy mosques.

Expressing gratitude for the hospitality extended to him, Ambassador Faloudah affirmed his commitment to further strengthening the bilateral ties between Saudi Arabia and Uganda. He articulated his intent to explore avenues for enhancing cooperation across various sectors for the mutual benefit of both nations.

In pursuit of this objective, Ambassador Faloudah disclosed his forthcoming endeavour to facilitate a state visit by the President of Uganda to Saudi Arabia, underscoring the importance of high-level engagement in consolidating diplomatic relations.

In his response, Minister Mulimba conveyed Uganda’s eagerness to foster deeper engagement with Saudi Arabia and encouraged Ambassador Faloudah to explore the diverse landscapes and cultures of Uganda during his tenure.

Ambassador Faloudah expressed his appreciation for the Minister’s sentiments and pledged to embark on a comprehensive tour of Uganda, aiming to gain a deeper understanding of the country’s rich heritage and potential for collaboration.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs looks forward to the fruitful collaboration between Uganda and Saudi Arabia and remains committed to enhancing the bilateral partnership for the mutual benefit of both nations.