Urgent Call for Justice: CID Investigates Disturbing Cases of Torture

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (CID) is urging individuals across the country to reach out to CID Headquarters in Kibuli regarding two separate viral videos depicting suspected incidents of torture within Uganda.

In one video, a vulnerable woman wearing a blue blouse and black skirt/short is shown being subjected to torture. She is forcibly contorted into an awkward position, with her hands and legs bound, while her body is burned with hot melting droplets from a burning plastic jerrycan.

Another video shows two male workers confined in a container and subjected to physical and mental torture, including beatings with a belt, kicking, and hitting.

Torture is a serious crime investigated by the police, and CID has initiated an inquiry into these disturbing incidents. Victims are encouraged to come forward and assist detectives in providing detailed information about the torture. Efforts will continue until the alleged perpetrators are identified and brought to justice.

The police also emphasize the collective responsibility of the public, employers, and boda boda movements and associations to protect and show compassion toward one another. Treating fellow human beings in such a deplorable manner is inhumane, particularly in a society that upholds decency and morality.