Uganda Airlines Leases an A320 to Enhance Operational Efficiency

Uganda’s national carrier, Uganda Airlines, has signed a short-term lease agreement with Global Airlines based in Johannesburg, South Africa, to enhance its operational efficiency as some of its aircraft proceed on scheduled maintenance. The airline operates a fleet of six aircraft including four CRJ’s and two A330’s.

The A320 mid-range aircraft, obtained on wet lease, will supplement our CRJ and A330 fleet.
This aircraft comes with its pilots and cabin crew and will support Uganda Airlines in maintaining schedule integrity during the period when some of the CRJ aircraft undergoes scheduled maintenance.
According to the airline, this lease would also help to resolve operational challenges on routes like Johannesburg and Kinshasa, where they’ve been unable to operate efficiently due to capacity limitations, and augment operations on services to Nairobi and Lagos.

“We are delighted to announce this partnership with Global Airlines, which will support our operations at a critical juncture in our development. We have seen significant growth in demand on a number of our routes, which has introduced certain pressures on our operations. Leasing this A320 is intended to ensure that our customers continue to enjoy the unparalleled service that we have become known for and add flexibility to our operations,” explained Uganda Airlines Chief Executive Officer Ms. Jenifer Bamuturaki.
The aircraft is a 160-seater, with a two-class cabin featuring 12 business class and 138 economy seats. It also offers increased capacity for passenger baggage and cargo.