Minister Mutuuzo Praises President Museveni’s PISGBC Project

The Minister of State for Gender and Culture, Hon. Dr. Peace Mutuuzo has described the Presidential Initiative on Skilling the Girl and Boy Child (PISGBC) project as ‘a fabulous’ initiative by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni that must be embraced by all Ugandans.

Hon. Mutuuzo made the remarks yesterday as the Guest of Honour during the showcasing event of products made by students of Wandegeya Skilling Centre at Wandegeya market in Kawempe Division. 

Wandegeya Skilling Centre is one of the pioneer skilling centres that was established in 2017 and is now running its 10th intake offering free skilling courses in five departments of hairdressing, tailoring, shoe making, knitting, and embroidery. 

The Minister lauded President Museveni for his visionary leadership, emphasising its practicality through everlasting livelihood programs like the skilling of the youth. 

“We want to thank the President for this initiative because he has given his vision. His vision is not only talked about but is demonstrative,” she emphasised. 

While concretizing the noble saying of ‘living by example’, Hon. Mutuuzo disclosed that she has emulated the same project in her constituency of Bunyangabu and has enrolled 914 students who are being skilled in various fields. 

“I also emulated it and started skilling in my own district of Bunyangabu. Now I have 914 students in my skilling centre after learning it from Wabigaalo, Nakulabye, and Mutundwe. It is important to follow a person with a vision like President Museveni. He has demonstrated a vision so we are following it and we are leading by actions and example,” she pointed out.

The Minister, therefore, urged the youth not to waste themselves by falling prey to vices like alcoholism and drug abuse but use their precious time being productive in activities such as skilling for lifetime knowledge. 

“There is no need why somebody should really blame anybody else if your parents were not able to take you to school. Here is the Presidential Initiative where you don’t need any money, but you only need commitment and your time to show that you turn yourself productive,” she stressed.

Hon. Mutuuzo also hinted at the prospects of externalising skilled labour for the protection of those seeking employment abroad. 

“Soon we shall be taking these skills elsewhere. I am happy to be here because as a Minister of Gender, we have also been doing externalisation of labour but we don’t want to take out unskilled labour because unskilled labour is turned into maids and we do not have the laws to protect them under somebody’s roof. So the best way to protect yourself is to go with a skill where you go and work in a factory or an institution that has labour laws that can protect you and this is where we have started from. So, I really appreciate the work that is being done here,” she said.

The Kampala Resident City Commissioner (RCC), Ms. Aminah Lukanga advised leaders to embrace the project and to recommend only vulnerable youth. 

The RCC noted that Uganda is on the path of producing a massive skilled workforce that will promote import substitution as industrialization is now gaining momentum in the country. 

Ms. Lukanga encouraged Ugandans to buy products made by the skilled youth.  

The Special Presidential Assistant on Skilling and Education and Head of the PISGBC project, Dr. Faith Mirembe Katana attributed the success of the skilling program to the honesty of her team that has zero tolerance to corruption. 

“What we are given we deliver. I am sure you have seen that we really deliver,” she said. 

Dr. Katana pointed out that diverting or misappropriating funds meant for skilling the vulnerable will not only be anti -Christ but will also attract a curse on one’s family. 

Dr Katana reiterated her call to students to always maintain discipline and stop abusing the leadership. 

“If you abuse your parents then you have no blessings in this world,” she cautioned.

Dr.  Katana however encouraged students to put into use the skills they have acquired and to always be mindful of the quality and standards of materials, products and services that will provide a ready market. 

“Markets are available for every product, but quality and standards of the product and service is what will give us a market,” she emphasised.

The Administrator of Wandegeya Skilling Centre, Ms. Kembabazi Constance revealed that 462 students are ready to sit for their exams. 

She thanked President Museveni, the Comptroller of State House, Ms. Jane Barekye, the Head of PISGBC project, Dr. Katana and all stakeholders for the opportunity given to the youths in changing their lives. 

One of the beneficiaries, Ms. Naziwa Grace from Kawempe narrated how her marriage was on the rocks, after her husband brought in another woman in the house and abandoned her and her two children. She decided to join the hair dressing course in Wandegeya and has no regrets. 

Another student Ms. Fatuma Kayongo from Nsambya- Kevina revealed how she underwent a lot of suffering until a friend tipped her off to the opportunities available at Wandegeya Skilling Centre where she finished her embroidery course.

Ms. Aurelie Lurhakatwika from Mengo Kisenyihighly commended President Museveni for the project declaring that she is not the same person she was 6-months ago following her acquisition of skills in shoe making.

Ms. Immaculate Kengozi of Wandegeya who also did a shoe making course gave a harrowing narrative of her past life but thanked President Museveni for giving them the opportunity to discover their potential.