Kyambogo University students and lecturers can finally breathe and exhale elatedly as the rearing of animals at campus has been banned.

“Gulu Gulu goes to campus” was a mocking statement the students made when they onetime saw goats around the Banda gate commonly known as the East End gate.

Whilst many students always walked from campus to their hostels, they often met a number of cattle crossing the street.

These animals caused traffic jam on the narrow road and evening students cursed underneath their breaths when in a hurry to catch up with classes, they were delayed by cows comfortably matching along the narrow street like they owned the road.

Students who often held discussions in lecture rooms especially in the School of Management and Entrepreneurship were on many occasions interrupted by chicken which entered the rooms crowing and found rest under chairs.

Quite a number of times, turkeys were seen camping around the School of Management and how careful one was always required to be not to walk into it.

And let’s not forget about the cattle that was always grazing around the Kyambogo Police Station and barracks next to Pearl Hall of Residence.

It was so unfortunate for a smartly dressed lady going to attend lectures to step in cow dung and forced to go back to change shoes.

And indeed the University banning the rearing of animals by people who live inside has come at a time when it is highly needed.

It is a great relief to either a lecturer or a student who was at one time inconvenienced by either poultry or cattle or even goats.