President Museveni who is also Commander- In- Chief (C-I-C):of the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF), has strongly advised leaders in the country to emulate the army on how to live simply and use the little resources for the service of the people, calling for the rejection of those who serve their own interests describing them as “parasites”.

“All these leaders who don’t see that you need to live humbly in order to serve your people are really parasites and should be rejected. UPDF is an example that works with little resources but provides service for the people,” Gen. Museveni said.

Gen. Museveni made the remarks today while officiating at a pass out ceremony of 2,590 Local Defense Personnel at Olilim Training School in Palam Sub-County, Ngariam County in Katakwi District.

The trainees had successfully concluded their 6 months basic military training and were drawn from all regions of the country. 

The C-I-C directed the media to show the country in pictures how UPDF started from a humble beginning of sleeping in grass thatched houses to gradually permanent structures and yet continues to serve the people. 

He echoed the pledge made by the Deputy Chief of Defense Forces (CDF), Lt. Gen Peter Elwelu, of developing the infrastructure of Olilim Training School starting with health facilities, water, classrooms and later accommodation for the instructors as well as the trainees.

Gen. Museveni further congratulated the UPDF for listening to the strategy of how a young country can defend itself using little resources.

He also expressed gratitude to learn of the educational level of the trainees who were university graduates as well as “A” and “O” level certificate holders, adding that this category was of fast learners.

The C-I-C noted that with a good, educated army coupled with the private sector, good infrastructure and an educated population, the future of Uganda is very bright.

He said the only strategy is to work with brothers from the sister countries to unite the East African market and that of Africa for our products.

Gen. Museveni thanked the graduands for voluntarily joining UPDF unlike in some countries where people are conscripted. He also commended the army for developing its infrastructure including training centers in the country.

He, however, advised them to explore ways of how to use part of Mount Napak for training soldiers observing that mountains are very good for putting pressure on human muscles and the lungs.

He cautioned graduands to take care of their lives by avoiding alcoholism, immorality and drug abuse.

Lt. Gen. Elwelu welcomed graduands to the force driven by the ideology of serving the people but not to be served. He advised them to be dedicated to the service and avoid sins like indiscipline that can eject them from the force.

The Commandant of the School, Lt. Col. EriyaMugasa, thanked the local population around the school for their corporation and being tolerant with the trainees.