Kisaka and Resident City Commissioners to evaluate service delivery effectiveness in the City

The KCCA Executive Director Kisaka, hosted the Resident City Commissioner (RCC) Amina Lukanga and her five Deputy Resident City Commissioners (DRCCS) in a closed-door meeting to strategize how best government programs can be a success in Kampala.

“We are all appointed by the President to deliver the promises in the manifesto and we need to work together to drive the government agenda.” Kisaka said.

One of the key programs that the leaders discussed and agreed to implement is the Parish Development Model (PDM).

According to Kisaka the team want to ensure that the PDM, a change maker strategy the government is currently implementing does not abort on arrival.

She said this will be done by ensuring that the RCC and her deputies, who are in close contact with the city residents, ensure that enterprises and SACCOs are formed in time, the Parish chiefs are well acquainted with the strategy and that the whole process is executed with integrity. 

“Those are the things we are discussing together to devise means and mechanisms and ensure that we don’t fail this important government program,” Kisaka said. 

She noted that as an entity that oversees the capital city business, it is important that they work together to ensure that the government aspirations in the manifesto are realized. 

“The RCCs are our eyes in the divisions, they are the head of security in every division and so we need to work together. It is really about working together and being effective,” Kisaka said. 

Amina Lukanga, the RCC Kampala, noted that besides PDM they discussed many other issues hinging on service delivery, supervision and monitoring in the capital since this is her first time following the appointment to meet Kisaka. 

“We must work together because we are all appointed by the President to amplify the delivery of social services in line with the Manifesto of the ruling NRM party. It’s important that as appointees of the same President, we must move and conduct our affairs in a harmonized way,” Lukanga said.

Anderson Burora, the Deputy RCC, Rubaga Division, said the closed-door talks were on how best they can work together to influence services on the ground. 

“We are tracking the manifesto of government to make sure that the services from the top can reach the ground as they are supposed to do. Our meeting today was to discuss how best the interests of government can be enhanced through the Executive Director and other structures of this institution,” Burora said. 

He noted that the meeting was also to iron out communication hiccups.

Burora said these would become regular scheduled meetings, potentially happening as often as twice a month or thereabout.

There are many service delivery issues on which the RCCs inevitably have to work with the KCCA ED and other leaders at City Hall but currently, the PDM remains the most paramount area of their close collaboration.