Progress of the restoration works at Isimba Hydro Power Plant – Uganda to export 50 MW to Kenya as before

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD) is glad to inform the General Public that restoration works at Isimba Hydro Power Plant are progressing well with two Units 2 and 4 restored giving us a total of 91.4 Megawatts.

This development by the Operator, Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL) implies that there will be no load shedding attributed to the plant shut-down since sufficient power generation has been restored at Isimba HPP.

It ought to be noted that Unit 3 is still under outage and hence only 3 units will be returned to full generation capacity by the end of the week giving us a viable 135 MW as was the state of production before the incident.

This progress hence implies that the Government of Uganda, through its transmission company (UETCL) will no longer need to import electricity from Kenya. Instead, we shall be exporting 50 MW to Kenya as before. Additionally, UETCL won’t need to access power from Namanve HFP and Kakira, which are emergency generators but also more expensive than hydropower.

For now, we are working tirelessly to fully restore the plant by the end of August 2022. We call for your patience and support as we promptly address the situation at Isimba HPP.