Government has disclosed that there is no money to refill the fuel reserves in Jinja at the moment.

According to the State Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development Henry Musasizi government has no money to refill the reserves and the little sum collected is shared out for the priorities to support the daily running of the government.

Musasizi said this while meeting the parliamentary Assurance committee chaired by Joseph Ssewungu where he emphasized that the government will never provide subsidies for fuel but rather ensure steady supply of fuel to avoid scarcity.

This however left the members on the committee shocked on learning that the money passed by parliament amounting to USD 12.9 million dollars meant for refilling the fuel reserve was diverted to fuel stock trading.

Apparently the Uganda National Oil Company UNOC needs USD 30 million to refill and build more fuel reserves if the country is to upset any emergencies for fuel in the country.