UPDF Court Martial forgives 14 ex-combatants after denouncing their intentions to participate in any other form of rebel activities and surrendered them to the Amnesty Commission of Uganda for further Management.

The 14 have been operating under Homeland Liberation Army in Zombo district fighting the Current government.

 “The reason as to why we went in to taking arms against the government was because of some of the issues which we were going through as citizens of Uganda particularly in Zombo district being economical, developmental and social issues. Now that we have been granted amnesty, on behalf of my group here we have denounced the rebellion” says one of the Ex-combatant

The Chairperson of the Amnesty Commission Justice Peter Onega has advised the combatants to use their amnesty responsibly and also called upon the community to receive them

“They should know that you’re still part of the community and that someone can sometimes make errors but that doesn’t stop them from being their relative or members of the community”  Justice Peter Onega said.

Amnesty is accorded once and if breached there is no another opportunity; recently someone the beneficiaries of amnesty have been arrested in connection to terror activities.

The last incident being an ADF rebel operating a banker to recruit juveniles into terrorism in Luwero District.

The Ex-Combatants have been given amnesty certificates and resettlement packages as they head back to reconnect with their relatives.  

47 others are still under trial in connection to rebel activities against the current regime.