Uganda Embassy Washington, DC Cultural Evening 2023

Yesterday, under the auspices of Things To Do DC, a Cultural promo company, the Mission hosted over 100 professionals living and working in the DC, Maryland and Virginia environs to the Uganda Cultural Evening.

The guests, who arrived at 6pm, were treated to an evening of cultural fun and edutainment with the Chancery rooms set up to give a snapshot of Uganda’s Tourism, culture and commercial opportunities.

The guests were treated to Ugandan food, drinks music, art and culture and were invited to learn how to play the Ugandan version of Omweso, a popular board game. The interest in the game was a roaring success, with guests being gently ushered out well after 10pm.

The importance of Cultural Diplomacy as an entry point in attaining mutual respect and understanding cannot be overstated.

The Mission carefully curated exhibits to illustrate the observation that public and commercial Diplomacy are not mutually exclusive and are more effective when applied together.

Business and trade discussions often begin over a cup of coffee, a visit or a cultural experience.

Our guests, while on a high of learning to play Omweso, understanding sustainable textiles like Ankole Cowhorn, barkcloth and banana plants, ended up asking how they can both visit and do business with Uganda