Kira Road Police Station Launches Child-Friendly Space, Paving the Way for Justice and Support for Uganda’s Children.

On 1st November 2023, VIVA Uganda, Children at Risk Action Network (CRANE), in collaboration with Australian Aid, officially commissioned a Child-Friendly Space/Structure at Kira Road Police Station. This initiative aims to provide a nurturing and welcoming environment for children who may come into contact with the police or find themselves in conflict with the law.

The Australian Ambassador, His Excellency Luke Williams, presided over the commissioning ceremony, symbolizing the commitment of the Australian government to support this noble cause. The ceremony was attended by distinguished guests, including the Representative of the Commissioner of Police Child and Family Protection Department from Police Headquarters, representatives from the Office of Directorate Of Public Prosecution, Loving Heart Baby’s Home, CFPU Kasangati, and Mpigi, as well as the Heads of Departments at Kira Road Police and various local leaders who were invited to witness this significant step forward.

Under the leadership of the Division Police Commander SSP Kinyera Boniface, the Kira Road Police have wholeheartedly pledged to utilize this newly established structure effectively. Their commitment is geared towards ensuring the efficient and fair dispensation of justice for children, taking into account their unique needs and challenges.

The Child-Friendly Space at Kira Road Police Station represents a critical milestone in the police’s collective efforts to create a more compassionate and supportive environment for children who encounter the legal system. It is the police’s belief that by providing a safe and understanding space for children, It can help them navigate the complexities of the legal process with greater ease and ensure their rights and well-being are upheld.

The police also express their deepest gratitude to VIVA Uganda, CRANE, and Australian Aid for their generous support, and we look forward to working closely with all stakeholders.