NRM Secretary General Assures Support and Empowerment for Police Officers’ Spouses

The NRM Secretary General, Rt. Hon. Richard Todwong, assured spouses of police officers of the government’s commitment to improving their well-being during a meeting with leaders at Kampala Metropolitan barracks. Todwong pledged his dedication to addressing concerns raised by the spouses, including issues such as poor housing units, unreliable power supply for small businesses, lack of capital, and skills training for production.

Responding to the concerns, Todwong stated, “I pledge my commitment to follow up and work with relevant authorities on all the issues presented to me.” He emphasized that the party had organized the interaction to understand the challenges faced by the spouses and to collaborate with them.

Todwong also praised the spouses for their support to the NRM party and their husbands while they are on duty. He condemned any harassment or mistreatment faced by officers whose wives are NRM supporters, stating that nobody has the power to intimidate an NRM supporter. He assured that any such incidents would be thoroughly investigated.

The women leaders, coordinated by Ms. Achola Jenifer Odong, appealed to the government for support, including empowerment through SACCOs where they can access capital at minimal interest rates. They also requested the establishment of secondary schools for their children and skilling centers to equip them with necessary skills for production.

Hon. Rosemary Seninde, the director of Mobilisation at NRM, pledged to establish a direct link with officers’ spouses to enhance the recruitment of supporters within the police barracks. Maj(Rtd) Awich Polar, the director of External Affairs, expressed understanding of the officers’ and spouses’ plight, promising to address their concerns, particularly regarding officers’ salaries.

The meeting showcased the NRM’s commitment to the welfare of police officers and their families, emphasizing empowerment, support, and protection for NRM supporters within the police force.