“People in Churches, Markets, Mosques, Bars Should be Vigilant and Look Out for Strangers”- President Museveni

In the relentless pursuit against threats in Congo, recent actions include seven air attacks and one artillery strike, proving devastating for terrorists. Infiltrator groups, like that led by Kamusu and Abu Waqas, are being actively pursued in Kibaale National Park. Below is the statement in further detail.

Fellow Ugandans and, especially, the Bazzukulu.


We are intensifying the hunt for the pigs in Congo. In the last week, we carried out seven attacks with our different air-platforms and one attack by medium range artillery. The attacks were devastating for the terrorists.

In desperation, they have been sending small groups of infiltrators like the group of Njovu that killed the tourists. Njovu was injured and arrested and three of his group were killed. About 7 of his group escaped and the security forces are hunting them in the Kibaale National Park area. That group is led by Kamusu, a Congolese. Their other leader in Congo is Abu Waqas, an Arab from Tanzania. His camp is one of those that were attacked by our forces.

The other infiltrators, in collusion with some individuals within the country, tried to plant bombs in Kikuba-mutwe, Kabalagala area and Nabweru 2 cell. However, due to the vigilance of the Wanainchiand the security forces, the two bombs went off without harming anybody.

They had planted one of the bombs near a Pork “joint”. Bazzukulu, what is a joint? I take it to mean a selling point or centre. In Runyankore, we would say: “akarabo k’empunu”. Ekirabo means an Eating House. Empunu are pigs. It could also mean a bar.

The six air-attacks were at kms 64 and 65 from the border. The one that was attacked by gun-ships was 3kms from the border. Up-rooting the Lumbugu from Congo is progressing well.

I thank H.E Tshisekedi for allowing us to deal with the Lumbugu (couch grass).

People in churches, markets, mosques, bars, etc. be vigilant and look out for strangers. The hotels and markets should have their own security as we had planned before. Maintain the vigilance until we finish up-rooting the Lumbugu in Congo.