NRM Deputy Secretary General Encourages Active Participation in Government Initiatives for Socio-Economic Transformation

The Deputy Secretary General of the NRM, Rt.Hon. Rose Namayanja, has urged local party leaders to actively engage in the implementation of government initiatives focused on wealth creation and improved service delivery for the ordinary citizens, such as Emyooga and the parish development model.

Namayanja made these remarks on Monday during the launch of ‘The NRM Chairpersons Development Association’ in the greater Masaka districts. This platform serves as a forum for sharing experiences related to socio-economic transformation and leadership.

“Government is executing our manifesto, and it is crucial for us to actively participate in monitoring to ensure effective service delivery,” Namayanja emphasized.

She further highlighted that the rules of the Parish Development Model (PDM) include NRM Parish Chairpersons as ex-officio members of the steering committee, ensuring their direct involvement in decision-making processes.

During the event, Hon. Namayanja encouraged the chairpersons to mobilize party members for active participation in the recently unveiled NRM Roadmap. “After the primary elections, they will be required to support flag bearers and rally all NRM supporters in their respective sub-counties to back the party candidate.”

The Deputy Secretary General praised the chairpersons for fostering cohesion and unity within the party through the SACCO. “This initiative is commendable, and I urge all leaders and mobilizers to advocate for a unified voice.”