Speaker Among Advocates Transparent Investment Strategies in Key Meeting with KEC International Executives

Today, Speaker of Parliament Anita Among engaged in a productive meeting with the leadership team of KEC International, headed by Vice President Mr. Mani Roger. This session delved into the investment strategies of KEC International, renowned investors specializing in the energy sector.

Speaker Among took the opportunity to caution the investors about potential capital distortion resulting from engaging a protracted and unnecessary network of intermediaries. She emphasized how such middlemen could disrupt project timelines and compromise the quality of service delivery. The speaker urged investors to adopt a stance of fair and vigorous competition within the economy.

This, she emphasized, is vital for ensuring the timely completion of critical projects, propelling the economy toward a trajectory of sustainable growth and expansion.

In an earlier interaction at Parliament, Speaker Among had encouraged the executives of KEC International to actively pursue their investment interests in the energy sector. Alongside this encouragement, she issued a stern warning against undermining their essential capital base by involving commission agents. These agents, she noted, could introduce unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles, leading to frustration among investors and causing project delays. Speaker Among stressed the importance of transparent bidding procedures for projects, emphasizing the need for all investors to adhere to established protocols. This, she highlighted, is essential to create an environment free from the burden imposed by commission agents whose practices often involve bribery.

Present during this insightful meeting were Members of Parliament Nathan Nabeta and Cissy Namujju, contributing their perspectives to the discussions.