Uganda Police Bids Farewell to 233 Dedicated Officers in Colorful Retirement Celebration

A total of 233 officers, ranging from the rank of SCP to PC, retired from the Uganda Police Force after reaching the mandatory retirement age of 60, celebrated at a colorful function held at Police Headquarters Naguru.

Addressing the retiring officers, Deputy Inspector General of Police Maj. Gen Geoffrey Tumusiime Katsigazi congratulated them on this significant career milestone. “Leaving service is not the end; we appreciate that you have completed your journey. Retirement is a phase in life, so go and integrate into society. You have played your role, and we are proud of your contribution. Please maintain discipline,” said the DIGP.

“Improve society as you have improved the Uganda Police Force. Be agents of change, avoid alcoholism, and do not allow yourselves to be used by bad elements in society for criminal activities,” he added.

He encouraged the officers to seek roles that would keep them relevant, serving as positive police ambassadors during retirement. He also emphasized the importance of effective financial management and urged them to actively participate in government programs aimed at wealth creation.