Kampala Waste Management: Lord Mayor Lukwago Calls for Urgent Action and Comprehensive Solutions

The Lord Mayor, His Worship Erias Lukwago, conducted an inspection at the Kitezi landfill in Wakiso district on Tuesday, addressing the urgent waste management issues confronting the city.

The landfill, sprawling over 36 acres, has reached full capacity, prompting immediate action to prevent environmental and health risks.

During the examination, Lukwago emphasized the crucial need for an expanded fleet of waste trucks, revealing that the current garbage collection rate in the city is a concerning 60 percent.

Despite possessing 29 waste trucks, only 22 are in good working condition, further worsening the waste disposal crisis for the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA).

“We require more waste trucks, at least 100, so that every parish in Kampala receives one, to enhance garbage collection,” Lukwago stated, emphasizing the urgency of strengthening the city’s waste management infrastructure.

The mayor stressed that the current situation necessitates a collective effort to secure the required funds and resources to improve Kampala’s waste management capabilities.

Lukwago’s call for action goes beyond the need for additional trucks; he underscored the importance of developing a comprehensive policy on solid waste management.

This policy, he explained, would address crucial aspects such as proper disposal methods, efficient utilization of waste trucks, and the promotion of recycling practices within the city.

“The landfill in Kitezi has reached its limit, and we must muster all our efforts to resolve this issue,” Lukwago emphasized, highlighting the seriousness of the situation.

The conditions at Kitezi demand a unified effort to secure the necessary funds and resources to enhance Kampala’s waste management infrastructure.

“We are not convinced that we should shift our focus to other areas before addressing this issue. It’s not only KCCA, but also the parliament that acknowledges the severity of the problem,” Lukwago stated, emphasizing the collective responsibility of both local government and legislative bodies.

Regarding the city’s waste management conditions, Lukwago also discussed the government’s plans to rehabilitate the Kitezi-Buwambo road, mainly used for garbage transportation to the landfill.

He revealed that the government secured a $288 million loan from the African Development Bank (AfDB) for the Kampala City Roads Rehabilitation Project (KCRRP). The same funds will be used for the improvement of the Kitezi Road.

“We anticipate works on this road to commence around March, so rest assured we will address the road issue as funds have been secured,” Lukwago assured.

Despite discussions about potentially relocating the landfill to Dundu in Mukono district, Mayor Lukwago emphasized the need to prioritize resolving the current waste management challenges before considering a shift.

KCCA owns a 136-acre piece of land in Dundu Mukono district, where plans are in place to establish a modern recycling plant for managing waste in the city.