Wanted: Man Sought after Shooting his Wife’s Right Eye with an Arrow

The Territorial Police in the Kidepo region and Abim CPS are actively searching for an individual known as Owiny Patrick, also called Ocaya. Patrick, a retired 53-year-old soldier, is wanted for an attempted murder involving the use of a bow and arrow against his 51-year-old wife, Apio Grace. The incident occurred on January 24, 2024, around 11 pm in Abim West Cell.

According to gathered information, on the aforementioned date, Owiny Patrick and Ongom David were engaged in a gambling session at Apio Grace’s shop. During the game, Ongom David emerged as the winner, claiming all the money from Owiny Patrick, who happened to be the husband of the shop owner.

In a surge of jealousy and anger, Owiny Patrick initiated a conflict with Ongom, demanding the return of his lost money. The situation escalated, and the wife intervened to mediate. In response, the suspect reached for a bow and arrow, presumably to target Ongom David. However, when his wife tried to intervene, he redirected the weapon toward her, shooting her in the right eye.

Following the assault, Owiny Patrick proceeded to rob Ugx 7 million from his wife’s shop before fleeing the scene. The victim was promptly transported to Abim Hospital and later referred to Lacor Hospital for further treatment. While she is currently out of immediate danger, the arrow’s impact has resulted in the loss of her right eye.

The incident has left the victim, her children, and the community deeply affected by the violence that unfolded. This case underscores the severity of domestic violence. The police urge individuals residing in vulnerable domestic situations to contact the Child and Family Protection Officer at their nearest police station for assistance. Trained officers are ready to provide support and address such situations promptly.