Minister Baryomunsi Applauds Hon. Godfrey Kiwanda for Kisoboka Agriculture Expo

The Technology Minister and NRM vice chair for Western Region, Hon. Chris Baryomunsi, emphasized the significance of the Kisoboka agricultural exhibition as a valuable avenue for businesses to promote authentic agricultural goods at reduced prices.

“I am pleased to see companies and factories specializing in agricultural products relocating from Kampala to engage directly with our local communities here. They have effectively marketed farm inputs at reasonable prices while offering valuable technical support,” Baryomunsi remarked.

Baryomunsi made these remarks yesterday during his address to farmers from greater Mubende districts attending the 2nd annual Kisoboka exhibition held at Mutetema, Kalangalo Sub County in Mityana district.

The event, which drew thousands of exhibitors showcasing fertilizers, seeds, water pumps, and other agricultural inputs, was coordinated by the NRM Vice Chair for the Central Region, Hon. Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi.

“The exhibition aligns with the NRM’s manifesto, National Development Plan III, and President Museveni’s vision of fostering socio-economic transformation through commercial agriculture,” Dr. Baryomunsi stated. “I am optimistic that farmers will implement the knowledge and guidance gained from this event.”

He encouraged locals to also embrace the Parish Development Model and Emyooga government empowerment initiatives.

The organizer of the event, Hon. Godfrey Kiwanda, urged leaders at all levels to empower their constituents through diverse income-generating projects rather than relying solely on government support.

“My goal is to enhance farm output productivity for increased profitability,” Kiwanda expressed.

Furthermore, Kiwanda announced plans to expand the exhibitions to other parts of the central region to ensure agricultural services are easily accessible to all.